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The London Food Bus

The London Food Bus visits Roehampton every week to offer groceries, cupboard items and more, at an affordable price. It also has a cafe on the top section, allowing people to buy a coffee or snack and catch up with friends - there's even free WiFi!

It’s the first converted double-decker bus of it’s kind in London, and by shopping with us you are also supporting our other community projects.

Be Enriched is a South London-based charity that uses food to bring joy and connection to the socially excluded, develop skills in young people, build communities and grow future generations. We believe that affordable, nutritious food should be accessible to everyone, so we’re bringing the shop to those who need it.

So, where can you find us?

Every Tuesday


Danebury Avenue

Come say hello, we’d love to meet you!

Find out more about what Be Enriched does at

Roehampton Partnership