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Your Roehampton Partnership

What we do

The Roehampton Partnership is a community group that has been in existence for over ten years. Wandsworth Council initially set up the organisation but it now operates independently of the Council.

The Roehampton Partnership objectives are to:

1.               Provide a forum for consultation to support and enable the long-term regeneration of Roehampton.

2.               Provide strategic advice to organisations/agencies which are engaged in the planning, development and delivery of activities to support social, economic and infrastructure.

3.               Support consultation with and engagement of residents and other local stakeholders on the development and delivery of regeneration activities.


The current members of the Roehampton Partnership are: 

·         Chair Rev Joshua Rey, Holy trinity church

·         Vice-Chair Deacon Kathy Johnson, Methodist church

·        Cllr Matthew Tiller, Wandsworth Borough Council

·         Father Alberto Pelucchi, St Joseph’s church

·         Cllr Claire Gilbert, Wandsworth Borough Council

·         Cllr Jenny Yates, Wandsworth Borough Council

·         Tom Rowson, Roehampton University

·         Farrah Black, Roehampton University Student Union

·         Steven Fannon, Western Area Housing Panel

·         Matthew Tiller, Western Area Housing Panel

·         Pam Harris, Roehampton Trust

·         Dr Kieron Earney, GP and Clinical Commission Group (West Wandsworth)

·         Joseph Langden, Young person representative

·         Marc Newey, Roehampton Club

·         Sean Heanen, Heanen’s Wholesale Meats

·         Natasha Beckwood, Focal Point

·         Roehampton Safer Neighbourhood Police Team

Contact us

The Revd Joshua Rey, Vicar of Roehampton

Holy Trinity Vicarage, 7 Ponsonby Road, SW15 4LA

07525 421 681

Roehampton Partnership